Arlene Pedersen

Designer | Messaging  Expert | Speaker

It is important to me to bring the most value I can to my clients, I have invested heavily in my development with industry
leaders in the following areas:

•  Strategy & Sales
•  Mindset
•  Energy
•  Marketing
•  Leadership
•  Communication
•  Speaking
•  Personal Development

Arlene is a gifted speaker, creator and changemaker! 


Chris Hazen-Molina

CEO , Heartfelt Workforce & Lifeforce

I’m committed to you getting your value, OWNING it and being paid obscenely well!

“It takes an objective eye to truly get your value, and the courage to truly express yourself, but that is when the magic of success and attraction happens. It attracts the perfect customers to you, the right team members who get to share their talents, ultimately enhancing your experience in your business and personally. When we step out and be 100% congruent with who we are, it inspires others to do the same, which makes the world a much better place.”   Arlene Pedersen

To be successful, you have to have a vibrant brand that is authentic and be comfortable being seen. Arlene channels her passion and magnetic energy into everything she does, from brand development to one-on-ones with her private clients and speaking in front of hundreds of people. Her superpowers lie in her listening for what is not being said, and her innate ability to distinguish how her clients need to be branded and what is missing in their marketing message. This together with her ability to listen for what is currently holding her clients back in their own mindset has her be a powerful resource for growing your business.

My clients often comment how they “like the way I think!”

With a fine art background, retail merchandising, interior design, graphic design and work with energy and feng shui, she brings 20 years experience and a unique skill set to the table. She not only understands service based businesses, but also products, as she has created her own line of cycling apparel that has been sold globally for almost 4 years. Aside from these artistic and creative aspects, growing up a farm girl also gave her practical skills of efficiency and she always looks for ways to maximize her client’s resources and dollars.

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